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Enter your email address to which you want to send your policy, select translation versions and click “Generate.” We will refund the policies purchased within 7 days of the initial purchase of the policies. By choosing to visit our websites or provide us with information, you agree that any privacy or privacy disputes under this Privacy Policy are governed by New York State law. You also agree to respect any limitation of the damage contained in our terms of use or any other agreement we have with you. In some of our service sections, if you purchase an Opendoor Home directly, you can save up to 1% off the purchase price of the home in the form of a credit when closing. Opendoor should not be required to pay a buyer`s brokerage commissions for this action to apply. This amount can be reduced based on the type of purchase (for example. B short selling), credit restrictions, vendor contributions or laws. The buyer agrees to receive notice of changes, disputes, process changes, process changes, terminations and product changes, to the email address provided to the Seller on the order page. In addition, the buyer accepts that the right to contact the buyer regarding legal information is not terminated by previously submitted “non-subscriber” communications and expressly agrees that any notification of termination of contact does not engage the Seller with respect to change notifications, disputes, court services, product or service cancellations or subscriptions. , the termination of a program, product or website. or change the terms of use or the product. In addition, the buyer grants the seller an irrevocable right to contact him by mail or phone for any of these matters, regardless of the other rights that the buyer has to separate from the seller.

In some of our service areas, Opendoor can help buyers make cash offers when buying qualified homes. You must receive a written letter of prior authorization from a qualified lender and make a serious deposit of money to make a qualifying offer. Check your program documents for all the details. A user contract allows you to include the language to prohibit these activities and can also provide a remedy (p.B. deleting account) in case of abuse. In some service areas, you may be able to be represented by an agent at Opendoor Brokerage (an opendoor brokerage agent) when you buy or sell. However, please note that an Opendoor brokerage agent cannot represent you if you purchase an Opendoor Home or in another transaction where one of the Opendoor brokerages is the brokerage representing another party. In this case, you can continue to work with an Opendoor partner agent or another agent of your choice. The buyer expressly accepts that, regardless of what can be done by the purchase of this product, or regardless of the alleged or actual damage that may be caused by the use of that product, or whatever damage that may result directly or indirectly from the purchase of this product, for whatever reason, that the absolute maximum amount of liability of the seller is an amount that does not exceed the purchase price of the product. As part of the consideration requested by the Seller, the Buyer agrees to use mandatory arbitration procedures for all claims, disputes or controversies (“CLAIM”) of any kind (contract, unauthorized or otherwise) arising from or in connection with this purchase, this product, including recruitment issues, data protection issues and terms of use.